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On average, man’s penis measures at about 5” (about 13cm). Micropenis is defined as penis stretched length less than 3” ( about 7.6cm).

However, in an Australian large scale study, it is found out that female are more attracted to taller, more masculine and bigger penis men. Hence, it may be an evolution that guys are aiming for bigger penises to attract their partners.

Penile Filler Enlargement | RJ CLINIC


In ancient times, men prove their strength through showing off their muscles, competing with one another to death with armors and swords just like the gladiators.

However, in the modern civilized age, where many procedures are done by machines, men no longer compete with muscles and strength.

Penile size somehow, signifies the power of manhood. Where men ‘show-off’ their penis size in men’s changing rooms in gyms or man clubs.

Penile Filler Enlargement | RJ CLINIC


Penile Filler Enlargement | RJ CLINIC

Of course it can, there are the surgical methods as well as non-surgical methods.

Non-surgical methods such as dermal fillers can be used to augment the size of the shaft as well as the glans penis, making them thicker and stronger. At RJ CLINIC, Hyaluronic Acid fillers are used as they are safer and reversible.

Most clients reports an improve sex life with better sensation.

Measurements also shown that there are increases in girth of 15% on average.


  1. Get rid of the pubic fat – Fat can accumulate above the penis. If you have a bulging pubic fat pad, then your penis may seem retracted. Get rid of the pubic fat to make your penis bigger.

  2. Get rid of the big tummy – The big tummy isn’t just ugly but it also causes metabolic syndrome.  Studies have shown have metabolic syndrome is associated with poorer erection causing erectile dysfunction. So guys, if you want a harder, stronger and bigger penis, it is time to get rid of the tummy.

  3. Exercise and tone – there is enough scientific evidence to show that a healthier body and better muscle tone

  4. Manscaping – if it is too hairy and bushy, the penis may seem small in contrast. Most partners will appreciate a clean and tidy under waist. Treat your under waist clean and tidy.

Penile Filler Enlargement | RJ CLINIC


Penile Filler Enlargement | RJ CLINIC
  1. Penile Filler – Penile filler or filer in the penis, being placed by experienced doctor just under the skin and fascia can provide satisfactory result ie a bigger and thicker penis. Many studies have shown that penile filler using hyaluronic acid filler are safe without any adverse effect. Furthermore, satisfaction rate has been high. Measurements can improve up to 15%.

  2. Penile Shockwave Therapy - Penile shockwave therapy is not primarily intended for penis enlargement. Its main purpose is to improve erectile function in men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) by promoting better blood flow to the penis. However, some men may experience a slight increase in penis size as a secondary effect of the treatment.The reason for this is that penile shockwave therapy can promote the growth of new blood vessels and the development of new tissue in the penis. This can result in increased blood flow to the penis, which can help to improve erectile function and also lead to a slight increase in size.

  3. Platelet Rich Plasma for penis – Erection hardness is a very important part of sexual well-being. If the penis size is big but it can not erect, it does not serve its purpose. When one has this problem, it is called erectile dysfunction.

  4. Penile Extender – With a proper medical device, one can aim for a 1 inch (about 2.5cm) increment in length of penis length. This is a non surgical method to make penis longer and thicker.

Penile Filler Enlargement | RJ CLINIC


First of all, you’ll consult with our doctor to see if you’re a suitable candidate for penis enlargement. The doctor will examine your vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate before proceeding with the treatment.  You should disclose any medical conditions you have to your doctor.

During the consultation, you should discuss your previous treatments done, expectations and concerns.

Should you be permitted to proceed with the treatment, our doctor will start with first thoroughly clean and disinfect the area, followed by local anesthesia and numbing.  Rest assured the procedure will be comfortable.  The doctor will then proceed with injecting the filler into specific areas of the penis including the shaft and the tip for a more attractive outcome.

The procedure takes about 30 – 45 minutes to be completed.

No cutting or suture wounds are there. You can resume daily activities after that.

Penile Filler Enlargement | RJ CLINIC


  • Safe: Penile filler is the safest available penis enlargement procedure in the market

  • Confidentiality: We ensure client confidentiality when the procedure is done at RJ Clinic

  • Instant size improvement: Its effectiveness for penile enlargement can be seen immediately after the procedure

  • No side effects: As its minimally invasive, there will only be minimal swelling for 1 to 2 days.

  • Long-lasting: This procedure can last up to 2-3 years with visible lasting results

  • Natural look & feel: This penile filler gives you a natural texture for your skin, and look for your penis

  • No scar: There will be no scar unlike surgical procedures

  • No downtime: There’s no downtime for the procedure. You may enjoy your daily routine as usual after the procedure

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Have a good sleep and relax. But remember to clean and shave as much as possible the around the penis as hair carries a lot of bacteria and we do not want bacteria to travel inside with the filler.

  • Dermal fillers

  • Skin Tightening Treatments


The injection entry points should be cleansed daily for 3 days. Our staff will provide you the clean gauze and solution to clean the area.

We understand you are eager to try it out. But you should abstain from any form of sexual intercourse including masturbation for at least 10 days.


Hyaluronic Acid being the collagen of our body is being degraded in our body gradually.

Most patients will have to touch up after 12 months – 18 months.


Yes there is BUT we strongly advise against using them as penis is a sensitive and important organ to manhood.

Safety is very important. Hyaluronic Acid is very safe and can be melted and reversed instantly if anything goes wrong.

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