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Accusculpt laser body contouring

The AccuSculpt Laser Lipo-Sculpting System from Lutronic is the first pulsed laser for lipolysis to feature the revolutionary 1444 nm wavelength for a new level of safety, speed and efficiency in fat deposit emulsification and body contouring. The most accurate and effective wavelength for fat removal, the patented 1444 nm technology makes the AccuSculpt the most powerful body sculpting tool on the market today.

The AccuSculpt system uses smaller incisions and removes fat with much more ease than traditional lipo. The laser is so exact, “It targets fat cells more precisely producing less scattering and less collateral heat to surrounding tissues. Patients love the results and they recover faster.”

Cleared by the FDA, the AccuSculpt is effective at achieving desired contours while gently sculpting the face and body, without the side effects of other lipo procedures. It is safe for all areas of the body including abdomen, face, neck, inner thighs, flanks, buttocks, knees, back and arms.
The system has been successfully used in the reduction of male gynecomastia and the treatment of saddlebags in women.  Because the AccuSculpt is more accurate, fat is removed only from fatty compartments without hurting other important structures like nerves and vessels,” Dr.  explains. “It significantly reduces post-operative discomfort or pain. Recovery is shorter as patients often return to work and other activities in a few days.



  • Highly efficacious focused tissue-specific wavelength

  • Less downtime due to greatly reduced thermal collateral damage

  • Increased photo-acoustic effect makes treatments quick and easy

  • Ideally suited to sculpting procedures over the entire body



Accusculpt Features & Benefits
Accusculpt laser lipo vs Traditional Lipo


  • Better Accuracy – Low collateral tissue damage allows for precise treatment.

  • More Effective – Powerful photo-acoustic effect selectively targets and liquefies fat.

  • Safer – Many experienced physicians find it more effective at removing fat with less trauma to patients, providing a safer procedure.

  • Easier – Rapid passage through connective tissue requires less effort during treatment.

Who is this treatment for


Before After Results



1) Will the fat come back?
The fat cells that are removed by liposuction do not grow back. If the patient later gains or loses weight, the change tends to be distributed proportionately over the entire body. About 90% of patients can see significant improvement in their silhouette by one week after surgery. However, the ultimate results following liposuction usually require one to three months to be fully achieved.

2) What are the risks involved with liposuction?
As with any surgical procedure, liposuction is associated with certain expected side effects such as bruising, swelling, and temporary numbness. Although irregularities of the skin are possible following liposuction, this side effect is minimized by the Micro Cannulas and Tumescent Technique used by our doctors. As judged by current experience, liposuction is quite safe.


Serious complications such as blood clots, infection, allergic reactions and anesthetic problems are extremely rare. This procedure is an outpatient procedure and most patients return to work and physical activity within 3 days. A custom support garment is provided to all patients after the procedure and is worn for one month. This garment is made of the highest quality material and is quite comfortably worn under clothes. Liposculpture is only performed to improve body contour and is not performed for weight loss. All of our patients undergo complete medical evaluation with laboratory testing prior to surgery.

3) Does this treatment treat visceral fats?

No, this treatment will only treat subcutaneous fats accumulation.  For visceral fat treatment, you may consider our Redustim treatment which helps to effectively reduce the visceral fat amount.

Treatment Summary


About 5 hours

Procedure Time

3 days


Back to work


Anesthesia and sedation Provided


2 weeks



Results Duration

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