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Dr Cheok training Doctors

Unleash Your Potential

Enhance Your Skills with the Ultimate Injectable Training Experience!

Unlock your potential in the field of aesthetic medicine with our Basic Aesthetic Injectable Course, led by renowned expert Dr. Cheok Jia Rhong. Driven by a passion for innovation, Dr. Cheok has honed his expertise by training with international luminaries in aesthetic medicine, such as Dr. Hung KyungKook, Dr. Philip Levy, Dr. Tatjana, and Dr. Huang Chi-Feng. He has artfully synthesized their teachings, resulting in his own groundbreaking techniques that have captured the attention of industry leaders.

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Trainer for MERZ Aesthetic, Sinclair Pharma, and Menarini

In his meticulously crafted sessions, he imparts his knowledge in a scientifically comprehensible manner, ensuring that each participant gains the skills and confidence to perform aesthetic procedures effectively.

With Dr. Cheok's wealth of experience and esteemed credentials as Medical Director of RJ Clinic, you'll benefit from a comprehensive training program designed to propel your career forward

In this training we will cover

In this practical, we will cover

Address glabellar frown lines (40U), crow's feet lines (30U), and forehead lines (30U) with precision.

Achieve luscious, beautiful lips with 1cc of Belotero Intense/Balance filler.

Skillfully administer 2cc of Belotero Volume/Intense filler for a natural lift.

Utilize 2cc of Belotero Intense filler to create harmonious contours

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Why choose us?

  • Intimate Learning Environment: Benefit from personalized attention with small group training.

  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Dr. Cheok will meticulously guide you through each procedure, ensuring your proficiency.

  • Ideal for Aspiring Injectors: Perfect for doctors eager to embark on their injectable journey.

  • Innovative Injectable Concepts: Stay ahead of the curve with Dr. Cheok's groundbreaking techniques.

  • Premium Belotero Products: Experience the unmatched quality and results of the renowned Belotero range.

  • Exclusive Opportunity: Stand a chance to be selected for our Advanced Injectable Course, taking your skills to new heights.

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