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RJ Nose filler Nose thread lifting before after

The nose is a critical aesthetic component as it sits right in the center of our face. It is the centerpiece and hence, your face appearance is directly influenced by the shape of your nose. A slight change in the shape of the nose will greatly improve your appearance. 

Every year, about half a million people seek to change the appearance of his or her nose. Most of them are unhappy with the shape and height of the nose. A small change on the nose can bring tremendous difference to a person's look.

Asians as compared to our caucasians counterparts, have a flatter face at the center region (forehead, nose and chin). Hence, many asians would like augment these areas to create more harmonious as well as sharper and 3d looks on their face.

Nose can be augmented via a few methods, namely nose filler, nose threads and also surgical nose implants.

Nose Filler & Nose threads

RJ CLINIC provides two methods (nose filler and nose thread nose augmentation) that are known as non surgical rhinoplasty.  It is a procedure where doctor uses dermal fillers or nose threads to augment and sculpt the nose. It is a quick 30-minute lunch time  procedure with not much of down time. There is not much of swelling as well. One can meet up with her friends instantly after the procedure. Furthermore, the results last up to 24 months.  The combination usage of both nose filler and nose threads bring a better definition of height and shape to the nose without widening of the nose bridge.  The presence of threads will further improve the nose tip height as well as narrowing the nostrils.


Nose threads

Nose thread

Dermal Fillers

RJ nose filler nose thread lifting
Nose thread lifting Nose filler

Nostril changes to become more narrow after nose thread insertion. Result is immediate.

RJ CLINIC nose thread and nose filler before and after
Nose filler and Nose thread combined

Surgical Rhinoplasty


A surgical (cutting) method of changing the shape of the nose is called surgical rhinoplasty. It normally involves making incision below or at the side or the nose with a downtime of 3 weeks. It sometimes leave a visible scar the base or side of the nose. Because of that, a lot of people opt for a more comfortable procedure to beautify their nose; that is by using dermal-fillers.


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