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Belotero revive product RJ CLINIC

Belotero Revive is not just any skin booster; it's a powerful dermal filler designed to rejuvenate your skin. It’s the newest range in the belotero portfolio of fillers indicated for revitalisation of early-onset photodamaged facial skin. 

Belotero Revive is a remarkable skin treatment that combines hyaluronic acid and glycerol to achieve multiple benefits for the skin

 Staying hydrated is important for healthy skin. Studies show that adding hydration can make your skin look younger.  It assists with cell functions such as the growth and movement of fibroblasts. Additionally, it enhances the production of collagen and other components of the extracellular matrix.

Hyaluronic acid, contributes to the giving the skin a more radiant, youthful appearance.

Glycerol is a very hydrating substance that helps absorb water from the skin's inner layer to the outer layer. it creates a lasting moisturising effect on the skin, – providing moisture from the inside out.

Studies have also shown glycerol to enhance the potency of hyaluronic acid by strengthening the hyaluronic acid matrix.

Combining these two ingredients provides BELOTERO® Revive with 37.5mg/ml of hydrophilic molecules.

The Difference Between Belotero Revive and Normal Skin Boosters


The Glycerol. Yes, the glycerol makes a lot of difference. Glycerol is already a natural occurring component under our skin. With ageing, glycerol gets less, making the ability of keep moisture less and less, resulting in dryer and dryer skin. 

Belotero Revive ingeniously combine both hyaluronic acid and glycerol giving your skin the perfect glow you always wanted and skin smoother.

"But how does Belotero Revive stack up against other skin boosters in the market? Well, it's important to note that each product has its unique qualities. It really depends on what you are looking for.

"Belotero Revive stands out for its focus on hydration and skin texture improvement. Not like other treatments, this one doesn't just add volume to 5 points on each side of the face. It rejuvenates your skin all over the face, from the inside. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a refreshed and more radiant appearance.

It improves elasticity and firmness, hydrates dry skin, reduces roughness, and gives you a softer and younger-looking glowing skin complexion.


Remarkable addtion with other Treatmens

But what's even more exciting is that when you combine Belotero Revive with Radiesse and Ulthera, you can achieve synergy." Combining Ultherapy with Radiesse and Belotero immediately is the most effective way to thicken the skin in multiple layers.

This combination promotes new collagen production at the highest level. This combination promotes the highest level of new collagen production. Together, they offer a comprehensive approach to skin rejuvenation.

Is it safe?


Merz (a German company) produces Belotero Revive in Switzerland. We produce it under the strictest manufacturing practice for your safety. 

Belotero is also one of the top filler brand worldwide.

Furthermore, Belotero Revive is CE marked and registered with the Malaysia Device Authority under Ministry of Health Malaysia.

The BELOVE study observed no serious complications or side effects. 

Belotero Revive is a skin booster with glycerol, a safe ingredient that stays under the skin for a longer time. Glycerol, like hyaluronic acid, keeps the skin hydrated for a longer time. This results in a glowing complexion that can last up to 8 months. The effects are noticeable after 3 treatments.


Is it Suitable For Me?

Belotero Revive is safe enough to inject in most areas of our body. Using skin care products like moisturizer in your anti-aging skincare routine helps your skin retain moisture, resulting in smoother and more radiant skin.

It is contraindicated in infected areas, pregnancy etc.

RJ CLINIC Belotero Revive Treatment

Only well trained doctors can handle Belotero Revive as it involves handling needles and injections under sterile and clean condition.

Who is this Treatment For?


  • Skin conditions suitable for this treatment:

    • Big pores

    • Dry skin

    • Wants better complexion

    • Hydration fillers  

    • Fine wrinkles

    • Dull Skin

    • sun damaged skin

Benefits of Belotero Revive

Increase skin firmess

6 months

Improve skin softness

7 months


Improve skin hydration

9 months

Decrease skin pigmentation

9 months

Studies have shown that 3 treatments can

Treatment Summary

Treatment summary

Exceptional Quality

Procedure Time

30-40 minutes

Back to work

1 day


1-2 days later


Numb cream provided


1 day

Results Duration

6-8 months


我对在RJ诊所接受的Belotero Revive治疗结果感到非常满意!我的皮肤感觉比以往任何时候都要更加光滑和有光泽。强烈推荐!

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