Belotero Revive - The Skin Booster

Belotero Revive has all the goodness of a skin booster and in addition, it has glycerol, an safe ingredient that stays longer under the skin. Similar to hyaluronic acid, glycerol holds hydration but at a much longer period of time, giving one the glowing skin for up to 8 months (after completing 3 treatments).

Unlike the normal skin booster, Belotero Revive lasts much longer, keeping the filters away longer. Get your porcelain skin today with RJ CLINIC.

The more hyaluronic acid and glycerol beneath your skin, the better your skin looks. Belotero Revive gives you both, making your skin smoother, less wrinkly, pores smaller.


What is the difference between Belotero Revive and normal skin booster?

The Glycerol. Yes, the glycerol makes a lot of difference. Glycerol is already a natural occurring component under our skin. With ageing, glycerol gets less, making the ability of keep moisture less and less, resulting in dryer and dryer skin. 

Belotero Revive ingeniously combine both hyaluronic acid and glycerol giving your skin the perfect glow you always wanted.

Is Belotero Revive a safe product? 

Belotero Revive is produced in Switzerland under the company of Merz (a German company). It is produced under the strictest manufacturing practice for your safety. 

Belotero is also one of the top filler brand worldwide.

Furthermore, Belotero Revive is CE marked and registered with the Malaysia Device Authority under Ministry of Health Malaysia.

In the BELOVE study, no serious complications or side effects were observed. 

Is Belotero Revive suitable for me ? 

Belotero Revive is so safe, it can be injected most areas of our body. 

It is contraindicated in infected areas, pregnancy etc.

30 - 40 minutes

Numb cream available



1-2 days later

6 - 8 months



  • Big pores

  • Dry skin

  • Wants better complexion

  • Hydration fillers  

  • Fine wrinkles

Who can  inject Belotero Revive? 

Only well trained doctors can handle Belotero Revive as it involves handling needles and injections under sterile and clean condition.

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