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Not everybody's face is perfectly symmetrical but a good chin will bring a balance which complements your other features.

If you have a chin which seems to sink into your neck (receding chin), then you might have noticed that it affects how your face looks as a whole. Jowls can look more pronounced and sagging, and a normal-sized nose can look prominent and larger than it really is. The mouth too can look droopy and any extra weight around the chin area is far more noticeable.

Chin is the most crucial part of the lower face. By just correcting it, one creates a better lip-chin ratio, as well as creating a better jaw-line.

There are 2 methods of correcting receding chin (chin augmentation). Surgical or non-surgical method. With surgical method, the doctor enter the chin area via intra-oral route (inside mouth) and insert a silicone implant.  The sizes and shape of the implant can be chosen prior to the surgery.

However,  chin augmentation can be achieved with almost equal satisfaction without surgery.  Dermal fillers are now used for this purpose with minimal downtime. 

More Results for Implants and Fillers for Chin

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