Especially popular with ladies who would like to ‘fill’ out their clothes in a more attractive manner, modestly endowed women are increasingly turning to the option of breasts fillers to improve their body image and achieve an ‘ideal’ figure.  

Injected breast fillers increase the volume of soft tissue, restoring and enhancing the size, look, and shape of breasts, and creating a more youthful perky shape.  It provides good and long-lasting results without the need for open surgery, implants, and long downtime.

Is it safe?

The procedure is relatively simple and safe. Breast fillers used are safely absorbed and passed out of the body over time. The discomfort level is very tolerable, and a local anaesthetic is first used to numb the area being treated before injections.

One size up

Some ladies with reasonable sized breasts opt to have a filler to get to a desired breast size. This tends to be the most ideal situation because with an adequate amount of breast tissue, the filler is not really able to be felt under your existing breast tissue, and thus the feel is extremely natural.  Breast fillers can enhance the breast by one cup size or more, depending on the breast condition before the filler.

Who are unsuitable for only fillers?

  • Ladies with hardly any breast tissue.  Here there is not enough breast tissue to cover the filler and thus the feel of the breast becomes firm and unnatural.  In these situations you want to consider possibility of fat grafting to increase the amount of fat to buffer the fillers later

  • Ladies who have saggy pendulous breasts are unsuitable for breast fillers.  If the breasts are heavy and saggy, it will be unable to be helped with a filler due to the excessive drooping. In this case, surgery and implant may be more suitable

A consultation with our doctor will let you know whether you are unsuitable for fillers or not.

To find out if you are suitable to undergo this procedure, a thorough consultation is necessary with our physicians, during which, a detailed history and examination will be taken and the details of the procedure explained. A mandatory ultrasound test is necessary to rule out any breast problems, so that we are able to distinguish filler related problems from real breast problems.

1-2 hours



1 week


3-5 years


  • Small Breasts

  • Saggy breasts

  • Uneven breasts

  • Post pregnancy/ breastfeeding breast


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