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Dull Skin Treatment | RJ Clinic
Dull Skin Treatment Result after 3 sessions
(RJ CLINIC was previously known as Renee Clinic)

Dull skin gives one an unattractive and tired look. It is due to the thick and dry Stratus Corneum (outer-most dead layer of human skin). More than half of the population have problems with dull skin. 

It has a lot to do with the 'assaults' of the environment i.e. smoking, second-hand smoke, air pollution, late nights, lack of sleep, lack of hydration and nutrients. In addition to that, solar damage worsen the problem exponentially.

If left unattended, the basal layer (deep layer of the skin) of the skin will be adapted to such condition and produces dull and damaged skin cells.

The treatment approaches target the fundamental of the skin - the DNA of the skin. Once the damaged DNA of the skin is repaired, the skin will naturally look healthy and radiant. 

Aesthetic treatments suitable for this condition:
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