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Pores are basically a tunnel-like opening on the skin that functions as escape duct for sweat and sebum. Occasionally, there will be blocked pores due to excessive sebum production leading to white filaments that are present when attempted to squeeze the pores.

These pores may be blocked, and it creates something we called whitehead / blackheads.

Enlarged Pore | RJ Clinic


Enlarged Pore | RJ Clinic

Factors that may lead to enlarged pores include:

  • Genetics

  • Increased sebum production/ oily skin

  • Hair follicle size

  • Use of comedogenic products

  • Loss of skin elasticity with ageing

  • Sun damage.


  1. Firstly we need to determine the cause of the enlarged pores. It is as simple as treating the cause and the pores will be shrunk down to genetically predetermined size.

  2. Oily skin tend to have enlarged pores due to excessive sebum production that can be corrected with topical retinols and retinoids.

  3. If inflammation due to rosacea or acne occurs, topical retinol/retinoids helps as well to control the sebum production. With time, as the inflammation reduces, the pores will shrink down as well.

  4. UV exposure and ageing skin have effect on collagen matrix under our skin which is the supporting structure for the pores (tunnel in the skin akin to a underground tunnel that is supported by concrete)

  5. Without collagen / weaken collagen as we age, pores tend to enlarge due to lack of support.

Enlarged Pore | RJ Clinic


The basis for treating pores is

  • Collagen remodelling

  • Reducing sebum production

  • Reducing inflammation

At RJ Clinic, you have several options to treat these enlarged pores:

  1. Lasers such as Q-switch laser toning are good for dermal collagen remodelling due to deeper penetration without damaging the upper layer of the skin (epidermis)

  2. Sublative lasers & Potenza rf Microneedling are also excellent alternative to produce dermal collagen and non-ablative way of resurfacing the skin

  3. To reduce sebum production, topical retinol/retinoids will control the oil glands from excessive sebum production and reducing the frequency of blocked pores. Topical retinol of 0.5-1% will need to be titrated by a professional doctor to attain the best results. 

  4. Pores that are enlarged due to frequent blackheads/whiteheads will benefit from daily exfoliation with AHA/BHAs such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid toner. In-clinic treatments that can help as well is Microdermabrasion where the external dead layer of skin is exfoliated and effectively removing all the dirt and sebum from the pores.

  5. Microneedling with PRP (platelet rich plasma) helps to induce microinjuries and stimulate the skin to repair with new collagen formation. With microneedling PRP, you will notice smoother and bouncier skin just like a new layer of great skin.

  6. Fillers such as hyaluronic acid fillers act to retain water and moisture in skin, giving the glow and smaller pore appearance over time. With new fillers such as Belotero Revive, better ingredients such as glycerol is added under the skin to lock in moisture and prevent the loss of water, effectively enhancing the glow of the skin and gives a smoother skin appearance.

  7. Mesotherapy with skin boosters helps as well to shrink the pores appearances in ageing skin with dehydrated skin.

The best treatments for your skin with enlarged pores should be analysed in clinic with our doctor’s expertise as only then professional advice can be given on the best and most cost effective treatment and skincare with best results for your skin.

Enlarged Pore | RJ Clinic


Enlarged Pore | RJ Clinic
Enlarged Pore | RJ Clinic

DISCLAIMER: As for all images and all kind of laser services, individual outcomes, results and number of treatments recommended may vary based on individual client needs, medical history, and circumstances. RJ clinic cannot guarantee exact or permanent results or cures.

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