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Are you SATISFIED in bed?

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

A lot of Asian women are brought up in such a way that speaking and discussing about sexual life and sexual satisfaction is a major taboo in society. However, it is the basic needs of human to have a sexual life as part of reproduction as well as pleasure.

Due to the societal taboo, many women and men alike do not seek and discuss with doctors regarding their problems as they are more ashamed to discuss about it in clinic setting and instead sought answers from the internet.

Today, I will try to debunk some myths about the ladies’ precious part, the vagina and everything there is need to know about laser for vagina!


Picture above shows the lining of a young vagina (left) and a ages, menopausal vagina (right)

This is a common question I’m sure many women asked. And YES, vagina, like all the other parts of our skin shows signs of wear and tear and aging as well. Commonly after childbirth, especially after a natural birth, the vagina wall stretches to nearly 10cm in width to accommodate babies’ head during delivery and shortly after requires repair of the wall with stitches and hopefully it shrinks to pre-delivery state.

But unfortunately, we all know that, the more times a woman undergoes natural birth, the laxity of the vagina wall causes dissatisfaction in bed for both partners.

However, for younger women who experienced vaginal wall laxity, dryness and urinary incontinence, there is practically no other safer therapy to rejuvenate and repair the vagina wall. It is highly distressing especially for younger women who have not given birth to experience these symptoms, to have to wear panty liner and peed a little every time they sneezed or laughed too loud.


The good news is that now we have easy and efficacious treatment for it using laser to increase collagen production and stimulate the walls of vagina to rejuvenate itself naturally without any fillers and major side effects.

This technology as been around for many years in the European and America and recently gained popularity amongst Asian women for vaginal rejuvenation as we slowly progressed to be a more open society and start talking about the problems of aging vagina. Vagina can become dry, less tight, and even caused pain during intercourse when it starts aging.

Other than laser, there are also available topical creams which are basically hormone therapy for symptoms of aging vagina such as dryness and painful intercourse which is more suitable for women who are nearing menopause.


Technically, laser for vagina utilizes the similar laser wavelength to stimulate collagen production and plump up the vagina wall. However, we cannot use laser for face for vagina as it is different part of the body and hence the laser for vagina is actually designed specifically for vagina usage only.


There is so far multiple studies conducted on laser for vagina around the world and there are many different types of machines that exist in market. One should look for a machine that has good safety profile and also experienced doctor to handle the laser machine. There is no downtime for the vaginal laser, however after treatment, you should avoid intercourse for 5 days.

Hence, do not be shy to open up to your doctor and discuss the possibility of regaining your sexual life in balance and have a healthy happy vagina!


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