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Eye bags: To Zap it or to Cut it?

By Dr Renee L (RJ CLINIC)

Zooming in on our most popular question and undeniably the most confusing choice of all when it comes to our eyebag treatment.

Should i just zap it or to get it cut?

At RJ CLINIC, we have a few choices when it comes to the treatment for eyebags:

Eyebag Surgery: For the brave hearted, this is the gold standard to properly treat the eyebags for sure. Up to almost 100% correction, it involves reducing the eyebag fat bulk, repositioned to help with the tear trough deformity (the longkang under the bags), solving the saggy and loose skin issue under the eyes, dark eye circles also remarkably improves (though not 100%)!

Eyebag Laser: This is an alternative to our eyebag surgery. With only a small needle sized skin nick on each side, a laser fiber optic (which delivers highly fat-sensitive laser) is inserted to directly melt the fats, directly reducing the fat pouch

Fillers: For a small minority, eyebags are prominent due to the lack of cheek fats. Hence, for these population, dermal fillers alone are enough to sufficiently "treat" the eyebags. Too bad it does not work well for all.

It all boils down to:

Do you want it 100% GONE? Or can you accept a "just an improvement will do"?

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