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Eye bag is a common issue in ageing as well as young patients. Some patients have them during their twenties. Eye bags are caused by a few factors, namely bulky fat pad under the eye ball, weak support at the cheek area, poor barrier support at eye bag area.
There are a few ways to treat eye bag. The simplest one being injecting some filler at the cheek area to support the eye bag. This is effective HOWEVER it is very short lived as well as it gives only minimal improvement as the AMOUNT of FAT is still the same.
Surgery is of course a good way to treat eye bag as the open field allows the surgeon to visualise the amount of fat and remove them directly. However, with every surgery comes risk of scarring, infection and long recovery period. Not everyone has the courage to take this step
Accusculpt laser eye bag removal is hence the best way in between as the laser beam will melt or kill the fat cells in the eye bag area as well as tighten the barrier, making the eye bag smaller by at least 50% in just one session. In the above video you may see that it is done in a very fast and simple manner.  Only one small insertion allowing the laser fiberoptic to enter the fat pad. Hence not much of down time.

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