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  • Dr. Ho Shuyan

Should you be rubbing your eyes?

Should you be rubbing your eyes? | RJ CLINIC

It feels so good rubbing your eyes, right? You feel the itch is gone, and your stress relieved, it is so tempting, right? Totally relatable.

BUT, for the sake of your beauty and health, stop rubbing your eyes!


Apart from the increased risk of eyes infection, scratched cornea and thinned cornea, our aesthetic concern is that rubbing your eyes can cause ...


Dark eye circles | RJ CLINIC
Hemosiderin staining can look like panda eyes (encompassing both upper and lower eyelids)

Underneath our eyes lies the blood vessels. When you rub your eyes, the blood vessels break. Iron pigment from blood then leaks and pools under the skin, creating dark shadowy colour under your eyes, also known as hemosiderin staining.

Dark eye circles | RJ CLINIC

If you have allergy, disrupted lymphatic drainage systems can make your eyes look puffy and inflamed. Not only that, it may also cause your eyes to itch. The more you rub, the worse the inflammation. Chronic rubbing causes condition known as postinflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Besides, the skin underneath the eyes, sometimes known as “ tear trough” is thin and more sensitive than skin on other parts of our body. While aging is the most common cause of undereyes skin thinning, UV damage from sun exposure also destroys collagen, which contributes to the thinning of our skin. When the skin is thin, it allows the underlying features to be accentuated, including blood vessels and blood stasis from eyes rubbing.

In certain people, the cause for dark circles is true hyperpigmentation, be it genetic or acquired as in cases of sun exposure.

Shadowing is another cause of dark circles. As we age, we lose our periorbital fat pad and tear trough becomes deeper and sunken. Shadowing from poor lighting enhances the appearance of dark circles.

Dark eye circles | RJ CLINIC
A simple case of shadowing which improved with appropriate filler placement

Other factors such as stress, excessive alcohol intake and smoking can also cause dark circles under your eyes.