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8 THINGS you need to know TODAY before getting your eyelids done

Updated: May 2

I’m sure by now if you are reading this article, you are probably looking to get a double eyelid procedure done but still antsy about it and probably still considering.

1. TYPES OF DOUBLE EYELID CREATION. there are 2 main types of double eyelid creation. Either you choose surgical blepharoplasty or a minimally invasive double eyelid stitching. If you need excess skin removal or multiple corrections in one setting, surgical blepharoplasty is the one for you.

Double eyelid stitching

Double Eyelid Surgery

2. DIFFERENT TYPES OF EYELIDS. There are a few types of double eyelids. But when it comes to choosing one for your surgery, it comes down to parallel shape or tapered shape. Parallel shape is more popular option in Malaysia as it gives the illusion of bigger eyes without the need for epicanthoplasty.

Different types of double eyelid crease

3. YOU CANNOT 100% GET THE EYES OF YOUR IDOL Yes, it is very tempting to want to look like your favourite idol. But unless you are looking to get a surgery done in Korea (even that I’m not sure they can do it), a simple eyelid stitching will not get you anywhere near a lookalike. However, your eyes will definitely be a better version compared to before doing it.

4. DOCTORS ARE NOT GODS Omaiiigoodd! I cannot emphasize this enough. Many a times, I get clients who have the illusion that we can perform miracles despite numerous pre-surgery consults emphasizing the same thing over and over again. No, we are not gods. No we can’t perform miracles. Yes, there will DEFINITELY be downtime. No, you don’t instantly get the end result without any swelling whatsoever. No, you will not look like Korean popstar. No, your eyes cannot be zero puffy if you are banking on the fence of overweight and obese (c’mon guys, our skin has subcutaneous fats too which are never extracted during an eyelid surgery. We only remove fats in compartmentalised fat pads).

5. RISKS AND RECOVERY Eyelid procedures are done very near the eyes. And it’s the first thing that someone will see when they look at you. Especially now that we wear masks, your eyes become the centre of attention. Swelling is unavoidable as you will be injected with local anesthesia. This takes easily up to 3 months to FULLY SUBSIDE for eyelid stitching, and possibly up to 1 year for eyelid cutting. Of course, you can start using makeup by 1 week.

6. CHOOSE A DOCTOR I cannot emphasize this enough. Always go to a doctor for this to be done. When done by non certified professional or beautician, you run the risks of scarring, infections, imbalance work, improper assessment of ptosis etc

7. HEIGHT OF EYELIDS Suitable height of eyelid is very subjective and takes into account factors such as do you wear makeup? Do you natural or more exaggerated look? Do you want tapered or parallel shapes? Or do you have asymmetrical eyelids with one side already having a higher eyelid? Or do you have ptosis?

8. BIG SMALL EYES/ PTOSIS CONDITION MUST BE CORRECTED this condition also known as ptosis is due to a weakness in our eyelid muscles that lift the eyelids. When there is weakness in one or both eyes, it will lead to droopy eyelids or assymetrical eyelids.

Double eyelid stitching Before After ~ RJ CLINIC

Double eyelid stitching Before After ~ RJ CLINIC

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