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RJ CLINIC Microdermabrasion Treatment

In this hustling and bustling word of 21st century, our skin is frequently plagued by oxidative stress and impurities that clogs the pores of our skin.  Needless to say we often overindulge ourselves with expensive facials which does not deliver results and often results with further scarring and acne problems. 


The whole idea of removing upper layer of the skin started in 1500BC in Egypt when Egyptians would use sandpaper to smooth the skin. Now microdermabrasion has become one of the top 3 aesthetic procedures in the world since 1985.

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical treatment to help rejuvenate the skin. It uses a diamond/crystalised-tipped wand to gently abrade away dead cells which helps the skin to rejuvenate from below and enhance absorption of therapeutic solutions and skin care.


  • Acne Skin on face and body

  • Pigmentation on the Face & sun damaged skin

  • Improve the appearance of Stretch marks

  • Dull and uneven skin tone

  • Dry and dehydrated skin with rough skin texture

  • Reduce or eliminate enlarged pores

  • Face with fine lines and wrinkles


1)How long is the procedure?
The procedure itself takes about 15 minutes to half an hour depending on the skin condition.

2)How is it performed?
At RJ Clinic, we provide microdermabrasion with dermal Infusion which incorporates a controlled vacuum pressure specially adjusted by a skincare professional to assist in the abrasion of the skin. The same system also serves to drive therapeutic solutions into the skin without the use of needles.

3)Is this painful?
The treatments are not painful at all. You will only feel a mild scratching sensation as your dead cells are abraded. You will also notice a slight vacuum pull as therapeutic solutions are infused into the skin.

4)Is it safe?
This is one of the safest treatments as there will be virtually no downtime at all. You can even go back to your work immediately after the treatment.

5)When can I see the results and how long do they last?
You will notice immediately that you have a fairer, well-toned and smoother skin after the treatment. Your improved look will last depending on the severity of the skin damage you have.


procedure time at rj clinic

30 minutes

back to work at rj clinic

Procedure Time



Back to work

results at rj clinic


anesthetic used at rj clinic

Not required


downtime at rj clinic


Maintenance Treatment advised for continuous imrpovement


results duration at rj clinic

Results Duration

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