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The New Skin Booster That Keeps The Filters Away

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Having skin as smooth as porcelain. It is the dream of every women.

Conventionally, doctors inject non cross link hyaluronic acid under the skin to hydrate the skin so that patients get the glowing skin. However, the hyaluronic acid can not last long under the skin before it is re-absorbed. Hence the glowing result may only last less than a month.

It is all going to change as Belotero Revive has all the goodness of a skin booster and in addition, it has glycerol, an safe ingredient that stays longer under the skin. Similar to hyaluronic acid, glycerol holds hydration but at a much longer period of time, giving one the glowing skin for up to 8 months (after completing 3 treatments)

Belotero is a brand under German family owned company - Merz. It is one of the top 3 filler brands in the world. It is manufactured in Switzerland under the strictest condition for patients' safety.

The Revive treatment regime consists of 3 treatments 4 weeks apart. Each time, the doctor will inject the product just under your skin at the area of your concern. After 3 sessions, the result is expected to last for about 8 months.

The results are so amazing that 90% of those who tried this treatment recommended it to their friends. In the BELOVE study, 24 patients are clinically assessed over 36 weeks.

The results of the BELOVE Study

Belotero® Revive improved skin elasticity, has an excellent safety profile, and a generally lower level of injection site pain

  • Up to 36 weeks improved skin hydration and reduced skin redness

  • 100% of patients showed improved aesthetic results at week 12

  • Over 80% of patients were satisfied with the treatment at week 24

  • 90% of patients would recommend Belotero® Revive to friends

Do you want to get your skin revived today? Ask us how today.


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