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Nose - The Center of 5 Pillars on the Face.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

In ancient China, there is a proverb saying ‘五官端正’. 五官 means the five features on our face, namely the Brow, Eye, Nose, Mouth and Ear. 端正 means symmetrical straight and harmonious.

Today, let us discuss the center of the 5 pillars - The Nose. If eye is the window of the soul, then the nose is the door to one's look. Why would I say so?

The nose is located beneath and between the eyes. It is also the connecting feature between the eyes and the lips. Furthermore, it is closely related to the eyebrow (brow arch). The nose itself has close relation three other features on the face. And, it is located most protruded as well as the center of the face. Hence, I call it the center of five pillars.

With imperfection of the nose, the aesthetic look of the other three features can be severely affected. The common nose seen in Asian is shorter, flatter compared to our Caucasian counterparts. This is because Asians generally have flatter skull (particularly the nasal bone) and weaker nasal cartilage. This gives a generally 'flat' look on many Asians face.

While we want to preserve our ethnic characteristics, it is a wonderful tweak if we enhance the nose slightly to compliment our Asian wonderful lips, brows, and eyes.

There are non surgical options available to enhance the nose, ie: with dermafiller and/or nose threads. Both are widely practised worldwide. The results are last generally 12 - 24 months depending on metabolism of one's body.

- Dr. Cheok

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