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Melasma Treatment | RJ CLINIC

Most of us are born with beautiful baby skin. But exposure to sunlight results in sun damaged skin reflected by uneven skin tones, pigmentations, age spots and freckling.

Melasma basically means dark skin discolouration that normally occurs of the face appearing like a bat-wing on the cheeks. Although sun damage is the major culprit, hormonal changes play a role as well especially during post-pregnancy, intake of oral contraceptive pills and menopausal. 

It presents as dark irregular patches can be found on upper cheeks, nose, lips and forehead. 

Women with light brown skin type who are frequently exposed to sunlight unprotected, with genetic predisposition or on hormonal therapy are particularly prone to develop this skin condition.

Other types of skin pigmentation include: freckles, solar lentigines, Hori Nevus, Nevus of Ota, Bakers Nevus etc.

At RJ Clinic, we treat pigmentation as a whole. We target the cause of the pigmentation as well as reducing the pigment activities. 

So far, we get satisfactory rate of above 90% for our pigmentation treatments.

Aesthetic treatments suitable for this condition:
  • Lip Dermal Filler

Treatment duration depends a lot on the type of pigmentation. One can expect some improvements in as early as 2 weeks for superficial lesions but may require many more sessions for deeper pigmentations.

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