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 Plexr Plasma Laser Eyelift | RJ CLINIC

Welcome to our guide on the Plexr Plasma Laser Eyelift. This is a cutting-edge, non-surgical procedure. It is revolutionizing the field of cosmetic eye rejuvenation.

In this article, we will explore the benefits, procedure, recovery, and potential risks associated with this innovative treatment. Are you looking for a way to improve the look of your eyelids without surgery? The Plexr Plasma Laser Eyelift could be the answer. It is a non-invasive alternative.

Plexr is a revolutionary innovation in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery. Plexr uses a technique called sublimation to remove excess skin. This process eliminates the need for cutting or stitching. It can be used to address a wide range of issues.

Plexr creates a plasma arc which 'zaps' away excess skin. It is a very safe and effective treatment. 



 Plexr Plasma Laser Eyelift | RJ CLINIC

After 3 Plexr Treatments
(Reneeclinic is now known as RJ CLINIC)


The Plexr Plasma Laser Eyelift is a non-surgical procedure designed to rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes. It utilizes a device that generates plasma energy, which is directed to the targeted areas, creating controlled micro-injuries. These micro-injuries stimulate the natural healing process, leading to skin tightening, reduction of wrinkles, and improvement in overall skin texture.

 Plexr Plasma Laser Eyelift | RJ CLINIC


 Plexr Plasma Laser Eyelift | RJ CLINIC

During the Plexr Plasma Laser Eyelift procedure, a trained medical professional uses a specialized device to create a plasma arc. This plasma arc interacts with the skin, instantly tightening it and causing the excess skin to sublimate (evaporate). The treatment also stimulates collagen production, which further enhances the skin's elasticity and firmness.


Non-surgical alternative
The Plexr Plasma Laser Eyelift offers a non-surgical option for eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty. This is one of its main advantages. This means that there is no need for incisions, sutures, or general anesthesia, reducing the associated risks and downtime.

Precision and control
The Plexr Plasma Laser Eyelift allows for precise targeting of specific areas around the eyes. This precision ensures that only the targeted tissues are affected, minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding healthy skin.

Natural-looking results
The procedure stimulates the body's natural healing response, resulting in gradual improvements over time. The skin becomes tighter, wrinkles are reduced, and the overall appearance of the eyes is refreshed. The results are natural-looking and can last for several years with proper maintenance.


Consultation and assessment
Before undergoing the Plexr Plasma Laser Eyelift, a consultation with a qualified practitioner is necessary. The practitioner will evaluate if the procedure is appropriate for you during the consultation. They will also talk about your expectations and answer any worries you have.

The treatment process
The Plexr Plasma Laser Eyelift procedure usually lasts 30 to 60 minutes. This depends on the size of the area being treated. The practitioner will begin by applying a topical anesthetic cream to ensure your comfort during the procedure. Once the area is numb, the plasma device will be used to create controlled micro-injuries on the targeted skin.

Aftercare and recovery
After the procedure, you may experience some redness, swelling, and a tingling sensation in the treated area. Following the aftercare instructions provided by your practitioner is essential. This may include applying a soothing ointment and avoiding direct sunlight for several days. The recovery time is generally short, and most individuals can resume their normal activities within a week.


Side effects and risks
While the Plexr Plasma Laser Eyelift is generally considered safe, like any cosmetic procedure, there are potential risks involved. Risks associated with skin treatments may include temporary discomfort, redness, swelling, scabbing, or discoloration. However, these side effects usually disappear within a few days or weeks.

Unsuitable candidates
Not everyone is a suitable candidate for the Plexr Plasma Laser Eyelift. Individuals with certain medical conditions, such as active skin infections or severe skin disorders, may be advised against undergoing the procedure. Additionally, pregnant or breastfeeding women should postpone the treatment until after this period.

Realistic expectations
While the Plexr Plasma Laser Eyelift can produce remarkable results, it is essential to have realistic expectations. The procedure can improve the appearance of the eyelids, reduce wrinkles, and tighten the skin. It may not produce the same dramatic results as surgical eyelid surgery. This is especially true for people with significant sagging or excess skin.

 Plexr Plasma Laser Eyelift | RJ CLINIC


1. What are the risks/complications?:
Plexr is very safe, it can even be used on the inner rim of the eye. The side effects of treatment are: 
- redness 
- crusting of the skin (a thin crust forms over the area treated with Plexr)
- swelling (for up to 7 days)
- soreness/itching at the treatment site (for up to 7 days)
- pigmentation (for around 8 weeks post treatment)
The doctor will discuss Plexr with you before treatment. They will provide a full overview of the possible risks and complications. They will also explain how you should take care of the treated area to achieve the best results. 

2. When will I see results?: 
You will see results right away after your Plexr treatment. However, the treated area will keep improving for the next three months. Be patient during this time! 
The treatment packages includes 3 sessions of Plexr therapy and comprehensive follow-up.
We review results monthly

3. How long do the results last?
The treatment result is permanent. The skin will age. After five years or more, wrinkles and saggy skin may reappear. This is a normal process of ageing and the Plexr treatment can simply be repeated again. 

4. How do the results compare with other treatments available? 
- Plexr vs Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) : 
Plexr has a shorter recovery time than surgery (5 days compared to 14 days). It is also much safer, as it does not require general anaesthetic. Furthermore, it produces more reliable results.
no asymmetrical eyelids!) and is significantly cheaper. However, more extensive facial ageing problems may not be solved with Plexr alone e.g. significant skin laxity and drop requiring surgical face lift.Plexr vs Other methods for removing skin lesions: 
Plexr can remove large skin lesions without leaving any scars. /complications?:


  • Loose eyelid skin

  • Eyelid hooding

  • Wrinkles

  • Scars & stretch marks

  • Removing benign moles/warts/skin tags/sebaceous cysts


30 minutes

Procedure Time

3 days

3 months to see results

Back to work


Numb cream provided


1 week

Maintenance Treatment advised for continuous imrpovement


Results Duration

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