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Introducing RJ Sunshield +

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

It has taken a while for us to formulate the best sunblock to protect you from all source of harmful rays.

It is a misconception that if you stay in door, you will be safe from harmful rays. Studies have shown that blue light exposure has increased exponentially for the past 10 years with the increased used of high definition screens in our smart phones, iPads, computers as well as TV's. To make things worse, LED light bulbs have much higher blue light as compared to the old generation incandescence. All in all, we have exposing ourselves to a much higher dosage of blue lights as compared to our ancestors.

And when you think the naïve looking blue light does little harm, it comes damaging your eyes, brain and skin silently without you knowing.

Worry not! There is RJ SUNSHIELD + that not only blocks the usual UVA & UVB. It also specifically formulated to block blue light. Making sure this silent killer does not damage your skin or making your pigmentation worse.

It is also non greasy and can be used by all skin type including acne skin.

AND, it is not the usual sunblock you buy from pharmacy. It also contains sunflower extract, saccharide isomerate and Vitamin E to keep your skin moist and hydrated for as long as 72 hours.

So, essentially you are buying a sunblock and a moisturiser in one price.

To purchase online, proceed to this link, we will send them to you in 24 hrs.

To know more you may whatsapp us at

0166651113 - Jalan Ipoh outlet

0169242200 - Ativo Plaza outlet

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