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Lips - The first contact when one speaks.

Updated: May 14, 2022

By Dr. Carol Lee - RJ CLINIC Aesthetic Physician



Lips are one of the areas that can be neglected when it comes to facial enhancement and anti-aging therapy. A plump, well defined lips are naturally more attractive and younger looking than a thin, aging lips with lines and less definition. As we age, naturally we lose collagen, and we tend to focus on our fine lines and sagging of skin, however, be warned that lips can also show signs of aging.

Lips however can also define a face. For example, Angelina Jolie is famous for her sexy full lips.

Interestingly, different lip shapes also can define your character according to Chinese physiognomy.

Asian vs Causasian lips

Now looking at all the Hollywood celebrities lips, many would admire these stars for their famous puckers and a lot of patients walked in with their lips imprinted in their mind , hoping to achieve their sexy pouts too. However, there’s one important point that Asian patients would have to bear in mind that is the ratio of upper lip to lower lip.

Looking at example of these stars, you can compare why Asian lips are sexier when it is 1:1 ratio of upper and lower lip. Then, take a look at Caucasian lips and see that the ratio would be 1/3rd upper lip to 2/3rd lower lip for a perfect sexy lips.

Now looking at famous Asian stars, you can see that their lips ratio are more of 1:1 .i.e. equal thickness of upper lip and lower lip.

The best option to enhance the lips is to use a soft hyaluronic acid filler. It fills up the lips naturally and there is no difference in sensation as well. For the first few days, there may be swelling, bruising or unnatural sensation however it usually goes away within 1-2 days and you can fully embrace your new lips. When you come in for a consult, it is best to prepare photos of different shapes of lips that you like so that doctors can get an idea of what you really want and help you achieve your dream lips.

My personal experience in lip filler injection

As it was my first time doing lip filler on myself, it was quite daunting despite doing it multiple times on my patients. A good doctor is always empathetic and you need to understand what your patients are going through hence I’ve always strived to feel how my patients feel when they are undergoing procedures.

Honestly, my pain tolerance level is somewhere 4 on the scale of 0 (absolutely NO to needles) to 10 (bring it on baby!). I’ve applied numbing cream to my lips for about 10-15minutes prior to injection.

It took about 15 minutes for the injection to be done. I only feel a tiny sting each time the needle enters and truthfully speaking, looking back, I could have probably done the fillers without any numbing cream as well as I have always done other face fillers without them.

I would compare the pain to the tiny insulin needle prick that you do for blood sugar and it is quite comfortable throughout the procedure.

I had the side effect of bruising only because I bruise easily. But the bruising takes about 5-7 days and I cover them with lipstick after 24 hours of injection. 

Small bruise at left lower lip.

Before and After Lip Definition and Augmentation