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How Fat is Malaysia?

Updated: May 14, 2022

Malaysia is the fattest country in South East Asia, with more than 50% of our population overweight and about 20% obese. These are not good news as obesity will lead to heart attack, stroke and cancer.

And did you know that WHO has name waist circumference as the single parameter to health risk. That means if you waist line is above a certain number, the risk for cardiovascular diseases is much higher. The number for male is 90cm (35.4") and for femlae is 80cm (31.4"). So, big tummy is a known risk to your health. Of course, it looks horrible on you too!

But, Why is it so difficult to lose tummy fat?

Diet and exercise. These are the two words any healthcare workers will tell you when you ask them for advice to lose weight. And yes! Indeed, they work. But not many can stay focus to these strict, army-like regimen. Many will go through a yo-yo process in our lives. Losing 1-2kg, then regain them in a week, eventually gaining more weight.

When we diet and exercise, the first type of fat that will first disappear would be subcutaneous fat (fat underneath our skin), the fat that we can pinch. Only under extreme exercise or starvation, then will the visceral fat be burned. That's why if you measure the visceral fat, although your weigh can yo-yo up and down, your visceral fat may go up higher and higher without you knowing.

Is there a proven way to burn visceral fat?

Yes, with the advancement of medical science, it is now possible to burn visceral fat with a medical device. Essentially making your tummy/belly smaller and reducing your risk to cardiovascular and cancer. Of course, making you look more handsome and pretty.

Redustim is a Class 2a medical device made in France to reduce fat in our body. It is medically proven (more than 10 studies) to reduce visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. It is achieved by delivering biomagnetic field into our body, making muscle 'think' that they have undergone strenuous exercise and burn energy. One session of Redustim burns 600kcal.

It is also medically proven that Redustim can reduce 2000mL of visceral fat after 12 sessions of 45 minutes treatment, also reducing waist line of 6.1cm.

And Yeay! Redustim treatment is painfree and comfortable. Most people falls asleep during the treatment. It is like a SPA treatment.

To find our more about Redustim at RJ CLINIC. Click HERE


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