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Face Feng Shui Predicted Marital issue of Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

**disclaimer: I am a medical aesthetic physician that improves human faces. I am not an expert in Feng Shui. However I do believe a more beautiful face does change one’s life.


Chinese Face Reading has a long history of about 2500 years. It traced all the way back to 500 BC. In ancient times, Chinese emperors did not have technology to help them, they relied upon certain facial features as well as other parameters such as time and date of birth as well as geographical considerations to assist them in predicting certain things. Face reading (面相) is an important part of it. It has guided many emperors and big merchants alike to choose their wives, prime ministers and ministers.


In ancient text/diagram (seen below), the face is mark with certain numbers (1 – 99). The designated number represent the age year. For eg: the ear represents the person’s life from age 1 to age 15. The areas must be smooth, clear from any deformities. If the area is filled with impurities, that signifies bad luck or bad event in that year.

Ancient face feng shui mapping.



The Nine Wealth features on the face are namely forehead, middle space above nose and between brow, nose, phoenix (philthrum area), mouth and chin.

The Forehead being the celestial dragon. A round, curved and protruding forehead free from blemishes and acne signifies power, wealth and great authority. The forehead being the first wealth spot supersedes all the other wealth spots. The other wealth spots such as the nose, phoenix, mouth and chin must also be moist, clear of blemishes and prominent to signify great wealth and authority.


For a good and peaceful marriage, we look at the Marriage palace (夫妻宫) - is beside your eyes and near the ears or in medical terms doctor call it the temple area(太阳穴). You will find problems with your marriage if it is sunken, bulging or you may see a clear eye socket.


Although I am not a facial feng shui expert but it is obvious he is a person of great wealth and authority based on his near to perfect forehead, rounded tip and well defined nose, well balanced and succulent lips as well as a square and protruding jaw and chin.

But if we focus on his temple area (太阳穴), we can see that it is very much sunken with an obvious orbital bone seen. This in facial feng shui brings bad luck to marriage.

Sunkened temple with visible orbital bone.
Even in an edited picture, the temple is visibly sunkened.


Well, I am not pin pointing or confirming that the sunken temple area brought his marriage with Sammi Cheng into a failure. But there is an obvious observation in his recent pictures, his temple area has worsened tremendously over the years. But if Andy now decides to fill up his temple (夫妻宫), will it help the marriage at this current stage? Or is it a little too late?  This we must consult the real facial feng shui expert. I am open to expert opinion.

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