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CHIPmunk Cheeks!

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

by Dr Renee L. (RJ CLINIC)

Have you heard of buccal fat before?

I have clients who come to see me without knowing actually what is buccal fat. But just the mere heresay of it being the "golden treatment" to make you look slimmer. The ultimate dream for everyone is it not?

Buccal fat removal | RJ CLINIC
v shape or saggin face?

So what exactly is buccal fat?

Do you know?

Buccal fat removal | RJ CLINIC

Buccal fat pad is one of the fats in the cheek with an extension to our temple area. It helps to make one looks young in a sense as it keeps you looking chubby (contributing to the chipmunk cheeks) and fills up the temple area, preventing it from looking too sunken.

As we age, this long piece of fat slowly shrinks and slide down our skull with the help of our beloved GRAVITY, it leads to our standard old asian population face:

bulldog cheeks with sunken temples. Know someone with this? We all do.

Buccal fat removal | RJ CLINIC
Typical aging asian face

Buccal fat removal | RJ CLINIC
Bulldog Face

Hey wait a minute? Won't it give you a sunken look like all the reviews i read on the internet?

Nope! Not unless you have very high cheekbones like westerners, this is one side effect that most of us asians can escape. Woohoo !!

"Nah, i don't believe you!"

Why not? Have a look around you. How many of your (Asian) grandmas or grandpas have sunken faces as compared to the bulldog faces? Compare them with those ages population you see in western countries/movies, they mostly have wrinkled sunken faces. Agree?

Then how does removing the buccal fat make you look slim?

Here's how.

Buccal fat looks like a fat pouch, made more obvious when you smile wide.

Buccal fat removal | RJ CLINIC
Before After of Buccal Fat Removal in Smiling patient

Buccal fat removal | RJ CLINIC
Before & After Buccal Fat removal

Benefits when you remove them?

~ less fats in the cheeks, hence slimmer face

~ less chubby when you smile

~ less fat means less heaviness and that means, slower progression of "bulldog-ness", meaning looking old much slower with means of slower! Yeay!

So in conclusion, does removing them make you look old?

Big fat NOPE!

*Disclaimer: This article is written for asian faces only.

For more info and picture testimonials on buccal fat removal, click here


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