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什么是 Aqualyx

Aqualyx 是一种复合溶液,由已故外科医生 Motolese 教授开发,自 2009 年上市以来,已在全球超过 49 个国家/地区销售超过 200 万瓶。  该溶液可以局部注射到相关区域,例如如马鞍袋、大腿、腹部、手臂、腹部,以及男性的假性男性乳房发育症。  

Aqualyx 溶液旨在液化脂肪细胞,永久破坏它,然后将脂质释放到淋巴系统中。 

What is InShape EMS
inshape ems hifem rj clinic

INSHAPE EMS is a Korean technology that uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) to stimulate muscles and make them contract forcefully. This groundbreaking technology offers an efficient way to strengthen and sculpt your muscles, targeting both your body and pelvic muscles. this is especially beneficial if you are already doing resistance training and strength training to build core muscles.

什么是 Aqualyx

The core principle behind INSHAPE EMS lies in the electromagnetic field's ability to stimulate muscle contractions. These contractions are involuntary and mimic the effects of intense physical exercise without the need for physical exertion.

electromagnetic field muscle stimulation ems inshape rj clinic

什么是 Aqualyx

The Science of Electric Impulses

INSHAPE EMS delivers electric impulses through an electromagnetic field. These impulses stimulate your muscles to contract, creating a workout-like effect.

The Equivalent of 20,000 Squats, Sit-Ups, or Kegels

One INSHAPE EMS session is equivalent to 20,000 squats, sit-ups, or kegels. This level of muscle activation leads to incredible results over time.

Muscle Training and Fat Reduction in Harmony

INSHAPE EMS simultaneously trains your muscles and burns fat. As your muscles grow in volume and strength, your body naturally sheds excess fat, resulting in a sculpted physique.


这种治疗只能由接受过 Aqualyx 适当培训的医生进行。 

如上所述,Aqualyx 溶液会液化脂肪细胞,永久性地破坏它,然后将其释放到淋巴系统中,然后排出。


woman exercise for arm training inshape rj clinic


  • 只需 1 次治疗即可看到明显的减少,但 3 至 8 次治疗是最佳的。


man resistance training ems inshape


Increased Muscle Volume and Strength

With consistent INSHAPE EMS sessions, you can expect noticeable increases in muscle volume and strength, giving you a more defined and toned appearance.

inshape on muscles rj clinic
inshape rj clinic
muscle condition after inshape treatment rj clinic

Effortless Fat Burning

As your muscles work harder during INSHAPE EMS sessions, your body burns excess fat, helping you achieve a leaner, healthier body.

fat breaking after inshape rj clinic


In conclusion, INSHAPE EMS is a game-changing technology that can help you achieve your dream physique without invasive procedures or endless hours at the gym. RJ Clinic is your trusted partner in this transformative journey. Contact us today to begin your INSHAPE EMS sessions and embark on the path to a stronger, leaner, and more confident you.

Transform your body, transform your life with INSHAPE EMS at RJ Clinic.


Why Choose RJ Clinic for INSHAPE

Functionality You Will Love


Our Expertise

At RJ Clinic, we have a team of experienced professionals who understand the intricacies of INSHAPE EMS and can tailor treatments to your specific needs.


The RJ Clinic Experience

When you choose RJ Clinic for your INSHAPE EMS journey, you'll receive personalized care and guidance to help you achieve your fitness and aesthetic goals.


Our State-of-the-Art Technology

We use the latest INSHAPE EMS technology to ensure you receive the most effective and comfortable treatment possible.


Unlimitted Sessions

As you know, exercises should be done regularly and consistently to produce good results. With RMS body at RJ CLINIC, you can now enjoy unlimitted sessions for a minimal fee. this makes the treatment more affordable yet effective at the same time.

Treatment summary

Exceptional Quality

Procedure Time
30 minutes

Back to work

Regularly for minimum 3 weeks
( 2-3 times a week)

Not needed

No downtime

Results Duration


I had been struggling to tone my abdomen and buttocks for years, but INSHAPE EMS at RJ Clinic changed everything. After just a few sessions, I felt a significant difference. The treatment is so convenient - 30 minutes, no downtime. I can finally say goodbye to endless crunches and squats. Thank you, INSHAPE EMS, for helping me achieve the results I've always wanted!

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Is INSHAPE safe?

Yes, INSHAPE EMS is a safe and non-invasive procedure with minimal risks when administered by trained professionals.

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