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RJ SunShield+

What is the best Sunscreen? One thing is for sure when it comes to protecting your skin: It's extremely important to wear it regularly especially with the best sunscreens and SPFs. RJ SunShiled+ the best sunblock to keep your skin protected, healthy and youthful all year long


All About SunScreen & You!

RJ Sunshield+ the best sunscreens and SPFs and the best sunblock to keep your skin protected, healthy and youthful all year long. RJ Sunscreen contain  SPF 50 PA++++ with broad spectrum UVB + UVA + Blue Light + Infra Red. We recommend finding one you love and sticking with it. Aside from the brand or SPF level, it is also water based formulation-non comedogenic. Broad-spectrum formulas to protect against both harmful UVA/UVB rays with soothing and packed with antioxidants - Vitamin E. 


It offers instant hydration effect, deep hydration for 72 hours moisturizing properties and strong improvement of skin comfort after only 2 weeks. Provides visibly smoother skin surface after 4 weeks. This sunscreen also ranked well among testers with anti Blue light content – Tara pods and sunflower extract 

Active Ingredients that protect against Blue Light which is Caesalpinia Spinosa Fruit Extract and •Helianthus Annuus Sprout Extract (Sunflower).

Suitable for protection for:

  • Pigmentation skin

  • Sunburn skin

  • Prior sun exposure

  • Suitable for acne prone skin

  • Outdoor sports and Indoor usage

  • Sun bathing

But no matter what you use, make sure to apply your sunscreen at least 15 minutes before heading out to properly allow the protective film to form.

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