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Men Aesthetics


Men Aesthetics | RJ CLINIC

We are now in the modern century where men are getting more conscious of their looks and well being.  Some even more than our female counterparts while some are still shy to seek for help.  In a few studies conducted, it has even proven that better looking men perform much better in work and financially! So what are you waiting for?

Men ages as do Ladies. Hence, you will eventually experience similar problems on the face.  Among the more common problems experienced by men are:

Not only that, some men are already catching on to the korean fad of having double eyelids, higher nose, slimmer jaw line etc.

Men Aesthetics | RJ CLINIC

But aesthetics for men are no longer confined to just the face.  A new trend is raging here and this is abs scultping. Men who does regular workouts may find it very difficult to get 2 packs let alone 6 packs of nicely toned and sculpted abs.

Men Aesthetics | RJ CLINIC

Most ideal candidates for these procedures are those who are relatively fit, does exercises on a regular basis but still finds it difficult to shape the abs.  You should not be obese or with any loose skin.

Abs exercises and crunches are good methods to get them naturally but sometimes, it just takes FOREVER!! A simpler way to get these beautifully sculpted abs if etching and filling.  How are these usually done?

Abs etching are usually done using abs lipo-sculpture.  Tummy fats are re-contoured and etched to give that amazing shape.  For better results, this should be done on a relatively fit (not obese) body with not too loose skin.  While fillings are done using body fillers.  These are injected into specific areas or edges to fine tune or add an edge to your sexy sculpture.

Combination of these two procedures gives the most awesome results.

Ask yourself some guiding questions and these will help you.

  • What can I improve? Face or body?

  • Do you have a budget?

  • Have your friends commented on any parts that you should improve?

  • Is there a film star or pop star idol that you would want to look like?

  • Do you just want to have a clearer complexion?

  • Or would you like to enhance your features?

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